Fly Fishing in Ireland

IMG_4542Ireland has an extensive network of rivers and loughs. With 16,000 km of main river channel and 10,000 km of a tributary channels, Ireland provides ideal locations for trouting throughout the country. In addition to this, there are 500,000 acres of loughs. Fly fishing is one of the most popular forms of fishing as it serves the purpose of fish conservation while being enjoyable at the same time. It is a simple technique of fishing with the help of bait and this kind of fishing is possible to indulge in all levels of water.

Fly fishing is immensely popular among the Irish locals. It also makes Ireland one of the finest destination for fishing holidays. Irish Fly fishermen have been catching trout and salmon while indulging in the game of angling for centuries now. Ireland is also a highly sought after destination for fishing because of a very special prized possession – Atlantic Salmon. However, there are several other interesting species of fish like Brown Trout and Pike, which are also popular among fly fishermen.

Fly fishing is an exquisite art. Practice and passion for the pursuit of the sport will make you an ace anglers. If you are a beginner, fly fishing can take a while to master. However, in Ireland, there are several fishing houses which give you the opportunity to learn the art with the help of expert advice from the professionals and trainers.

Most of the Fishing houses are located in the picturesque and scenic locations in Ireland, which makes the whole experience of learning the art of fly fishing a memorable experience. Although, most of the experts will advise you the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ for the game of angling as the whole coastline is available for fishing. Lastly, the climate of Ireland is favorable all year round for fishing activities!