Finding the Perfect Fishing House

Finding a perfect fishing house isn’t a difficult task in Ireland. Thanks to the of the popularity of the sport and countrywide scenic beauty there are many houses on offer. Most of the houses provide an access to well-stocked lake or river or canal coarse fishing. While choosing a fishing house, ensure that the distance to the water from the house is short. It is simply more convenient. Most of the houses have self-catering cottages. The local operators of these houses are very friendly and provide lots of useful information for an excellent experience.

People also like to distinguish their fishing house on the basis of their choice of species of fish. Not all lakes and rivers have the most sought after fish. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the housing authorities prior to booking.

Having a real Irish fishing adventure is a combination of several elements which includes picturesque location, a fishing house with all the amenities, convenient neighborhood and an easy walk to the pub. All of Ireland is your playground, but there are a few counties which have established a name for themselves when it comes to fishing destinations. For example, County Cork is known for its well-spread cottages. They get a high-rating in terms of convenience and affordability. Lastly, this County has stunning scenic beauty.

1209717992_15County Clare has many cottages from where you can have direct access to beaches and sea views. County Galway is extremely popular with it’s closeness to nature, it also has all essential amenities. It is good for people who are travelling with a family. County Wicklow is another option for witnessing outstanding beauty along with the fishing. County Kerry allows you to indulge in two great sports : fishing and golfing. In County Kerry, there are spectacular golfing locations.

There are many houses to choose from, but we are sure you will have good time no matter where you end up!