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Fishing is one of the most popular sport worldwide. Fishermen from around the world are seeking a perfect destination to indulge in the sports of fishing. On this site, you will find information about the ‘fishing industry’ in Ireland. Ireland has been a major fishing destination in Europe for a very long time and here you will find an easy insight into the ways of fishing in the country. You can find detailed guide and information for beginners in the arena of sports fishing. Starting with a ‘guide to fly fishing’, a technique popular among beginners. Ireland is known for its various species of fish, especially Atlantic salmon, and trouts.

Many fishermen sought after bass fish which is available in abundance in this island! An overall idea of different fish species in Ireland will motivate you to pursue the sport. You will also find information regarding catching the fish to cleaning and storing it as everything is discussed in detail. We have covered topics such as the best seasons to fish in Ireland, Irish fishing tours, Irish fishing houses and Fishing boats in Ireland. One will find out that it is possible to fish throughout the country in Ireland due its geographical position, which is right next to the Atlantic sea. Speaking of weather, it is possible to fish throughout the year as the country hardly experiences harsh

You will also find a broader spectrum of articles for fishermen, discussing fishing gears, night fishing, fishing stories and underwater adventure and slot games. There is a page dedicated to ‘biggest fish ever caught’ which makes a fascinating read! Those eager to fish in Ireland will also find information regarding Irish fishing houses and popular fishing tours.

Lastly, one will also find information pertaining to dangers involved during fishing and the necessary preventive measures to avoid them.